A Sacred Vow

Saint John Eudes writes in Man's Contract With God in Baptism: “How often have we been obliged to witness, in the every-day occurrences of human life, scenes which should call forth tears of blood, in beholding the many persons who, after having become by Baptism the children of God, the members of Jesus Christ and the living temples of the Holy Ghost, yet live rather as infidels and pagans than as true Christians. In truth, do we not behold men live, as if neither faith, nor reason, made any impression upon them, who, wholly occupied with the world and its vanities, seek nothing beyond the gratification of their own passions, and who, allowing themselves to be entirely carried away by evil, have no more respect for God than pagans?” A new book, 'The Benedict Option', calls us to live differently than we have been living. Let us consider the Sacred Contract we enter into with Almighty God at Baptism. We renounced Satan, all of his works and all of his suggestions. And yet how well are we keeping this Sacred Vow?

Saint John Eudes continues: “The name of contract is given to any agreement entered into by two or more persons, in which the parties contracting incur mutual obligations. This clearly shows that a contract has been entered into by the most Blessed Trinity and you in Baptism; since you have incurred many obligations towards the Blessed Trinity, and the Blessed Trinity has also obliged itself in regard to you. … The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, come to you and take up their abode in your soul, in order to confer honors and benefits on you. They enrich you with spiritual treasures to render you worthy of their three divine Persons. It is a contract of adoption, since God the Father has taken you for his child, and has conferred on you the right of his inheritance with his only Son, and you have taken God for your Father, and have promised to entertain for hiIIl all the love and respect which a child owes to so good a parent. "Consider," writes St. John the Evangelist, "what love the Father has testified to you in wishing that you should be called, and that you should, really, be his children." (I John 3:1)”


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