Ask And You Shall Receive

We recently received a custom request for Dom Gueranger's Liturgical Year in larger print and filled it. (The item is now for sale here, because it is well worthwhile.) And here is the feedback:

“Thanks so much for the books! I can read the text without my glasses! And I am now reading the gospel commentaries to my husband as bedtime stories! I wish this kind of meaty catechesis was taught to modern Catholics! Anyway, thank you again for a wonderful addition to my library, which I will continue to use for the rest of my life!”

We are happy to help. We have listed a few of the over one thousand books we have access to. If you are looking for an older out of print timeless Catholic book, published before 1941, contact us. It is quite possible we already have access to it. If we don't we maybe able to find it and republish it for you. We also will work with churches, schools and other organizations on bulk orders to reduce costs. Our goal is to provide the timeless truth of the Catholic faith, which is found in older books, to faithful Catholics.

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