Fasting and Prayer

With the coming Ember Days (September 20, 22 and 23, 2017) let us consider this prayer from the Life and Kingdom of Jesus in Christian Souls:

0 Good Jesus, I offer Thee this act in honor of Thy divine justice and Thy holy Passion. I desire to suffer this privation, this penance and mortification purely for Thy love in union with that same love with which Thou didst bear so many and such extraordinary privations and mortifications on earth, as well as in satisfaction for my sins, and to accomplish Thy divine design for my soul.

0 Most Humble Jesus, I Offer Thee this act with all similar acts that ever were or ever shall be performed in honor of Thy holy humiliations and those of Thy Blessed Mother. 0 Good Jesus, destroy all pride and vanity in me, and cause Thy divine humility to reign in their stead.

A few comments are in order. The purpose of mortification is to clear all obstacles to prayer and performing our duties to God, our neighbor and our own selves. Let us close with this consideration from the introduction: "THERE ARE only two philosophies of life: one begins with the fast and ends with the feast; the other begins with the feast and ends with the headache. The first is Christian, the second is pagan. Those who compromise and accept a little of each generally find that they have just enough religion to spoil the feast and still not enough religion to accept the headache."


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