How the Devil Works in Sin and Confession

From Catechism: Lessons on the Sacraments and Ten Commandments by Saint Alphonsus Ligouri.

St Antonine relates that a certain prelate once saw a devil beside a woman at confession. The prelate asked what he was doing. The devil answered, "I am fulfilling the precepts of restitution. When I tempted this woman to sin, I took away her shame; I now restore it, that she may not confess her sin." This is, as St. Chrysostom has written, one of the artifices of the devil. "God joined shame to sin, confidence to confession." The wolf seizes the sheep by the throat, that it may not be able to cry out; thus he carries her off and devours her. This the devil does with certain miserable souls; he catches them by the throat, that they may not confess their sins, and thus he afterwards drags them to hell.


"My child, have you committed sin? Why are you now unwilling to confess it?" You may say, "I am ashamed." Unhappy soul! says Augustine; you think only of the shame, but do not reflect that, unless you confess the sin, you are damned! You are ashamed; but, adds the saint, you are not ashamed to inflict a wound on your soul, and are you now ashamed to apply a healing band? The physician cannot heal a wound unless he sees and understands it.


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