How to Preach

Saint Alphonsus begins his instruction on preaching, which is found in Instructions For Preachers: Getting Your Message From the Pulpit to the Pew: "In the first place, the preacher, if he wishes that his preaching shall produce abundant fruit, should propose to himself the proper end-that is, to preach, not with a view to obtain honour, or applause, or any temporal advantage, but solely to gain souls to God; and hence it is necessary, that when he enters upon his exalted office of divine ambassador, he should pray to God fervently to inflame his heart with His holy love; because it is by this means that his preaching will be productive of much fruit. The venerable Father John D' Avila being once asked, what was most conducive towards preaching well, replied in those short but expressive words- "To love Jesus Christ well." It has been therefore found by experience, that preachers who love Jesus Christ have often effected more by a single discourse, than others by several."

Saint Vincent de Paul exclaimed: "O cursed ambition of display! how many virtues do you infect! of how many evils are you the cause! You make him who should preach Jesus Christ, preach himself, and destroy when he should save." This book should be in the hands of every priest and deacon, who has the office of preaching.


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