The Clock of the Passion

From The Clock of the Passion

Saint Augustine says, that there is nothing more conducive to the

attainment of eternal salvation, than to think every day on the pains

which Jesus Christ has suffered for the love of us. Nothing is more

salutary than to think daily on. What the Man-God has endured for us."

O God, how is it possible for a soul that has faith, and reflects on

the sorrow! and ignominies which Jesus Christ has suffered for us, not

to burn with love for him, and not to conceive strong resolutions to

become a saint, in order not to be ungrateful to so loving a God? Faith

is necessary; for had not faith assured us of it, who could ever believe

what a God has actually done for the love of us?

"He emptied himself, taking the form of a servant"-Phil. ii. 7. Who1 had he not the

infallible assurance of faith, could, at the sight of Jesus, born in a

stable, believe that he is the God who is adored by the angels in

heaven? How, without the aid of faith, can he who beholds the Saviour

flying into Egypt, in order to escape from the hands of Herod, believe

that he is omnipotent? How could we, without the assurance of faith,

believe that he whom we see sorrowful unto death in the garden, is

infinitely happy? or that he who was bound to a pillar, and suspended on

a gibbet, is the Lord of the universe?

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