The Little Way of Spiritual Childhood

"Here, then, is a way which, without giving to everyone assurance of reaching the heights to which God has led Therese, is not only possible, but easy for all. As St Augustine remarks, not everyone can preach and perform great works, but who is there that cannot pray, humblehimself, and love ?"-Pius XI.

How the Way of Spiritual Childhood is Founded on the Gospel and in what it Consists IT is one of the most consoling truths of our holy religion that Baptism, in regenerating us, has communicated to us the divine life and has made us the children of God.
"Behold," says St John, "what manner of charity the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called and should be the sons of God."
This idea of divine sonship is the basis of our relations with God in the law of grace. The Gospel is saturated with it from the beginning to the end. Our Lord returns to it continually. When He speaks of God, whether it be to His Apostles in private or before the multitude, He gives Him no other name than that of Father. Thus, in 5t Matthew, in the Sermon on the Mount alone, the expression occurs sixteen times.


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